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Award Winning Stylist
This is where it all began. In mom's kitchen. She was a licensed cosmetologist back in the day. So, it's in my
blood. I can remember she would have 10 Jerri curls lined up on a Saturday morning at the house. This is how
busy she was. With that said, she had me stretched out from rinsing neutralizer to taking their rods out.
Everyone in town wanted her to do their Jerri curl :). From then on, I found myself styling my friends hair and
making up their faces. I wanted everyone around me to look beautiful. My friends loved me for that. Every
where we went, we was fly :). They received free hairdo's almost every day when my mom left for work. It was
her Fashion Fair make up we was using. LOL

I then went on to graduate high school and attended a few schools. Bethune Cookman, Jones College, The
Teller Training Institute, FCCJ where I studied Webmaster and Interior Design. During those times I worked in
corporate America @Humana Insurance Co. (as Team Leader) and a couple other insurance companies for
about 10 years. I strongly felt, something was still missing. I done the unthinkable and stepped out on faith. I
quit my job and started with nail school so that I could generate some type of income. I had an unknown talent
that I did not know of until I started drawing free hand designs on my own nails. I created strawberries,
pineapples, little people, and faces etc. Once I finished nail school I re-enrolled for cosmetology to pursue my
true passion. Now, in the beginning yes it was a major struggle, but it was well worth it. My goal was to open a
Hair Extension Salon. It's funny because what started this whole idea was because I could not braid. Since, I
could not braid/cornrow I thought I would just specialize in Hair Fusion. Low and behold, somehow, braiding
actually came to me in a dream just like everything else I come up with. I had my daughter (Ishiah) sit down as
soon as she woke up and told her "I know how to braid" she said "For Real?". This was amazing to her
because I always gave her pig tails or plaits that would stick straight because I'm underhanded (meaning I do
things backwards/the opposite). From that moment on I was braiding. This means now I could use my other
talent sewing, to do sew-ins. Yes, I used to sew too back when I was about 14 years old up to 23 years old. I
stopped because I got burnt out and overwhelmed. Many @ Humana was wanting me to make outfits. I took on
more than I could handle. People would beg me to make them dresses for special events, but I refused to pick
up my sewing machine again. I would make high school prom dresses (while in high school), Christmas party
dresses, top hats, and business attire (while @Humana Insurance). When, I say this is another great gift God
gave me, it truly is. I sew-in hair to perfection now, just like I would sew all those clothes I made. Now, you really
know why my tracks do not come off the track :) . I also write poems and had a small business (Poetic Dreams)
selling them about 15 years ago..they sold like hot cakes. I'm in the process of adding them to my Boutiques in
the salon (because my mom says I should (-.-) so check them out. My inventive entrepreneur spirit comes from
my father (Ron Page). He was always selling something and now so do I. Everyone has a story and this is just
a small, small snippet of mine.....Now 12 years later both of my children are graduates from  Fortis Institute of
Cosmetology and Barbering July -2012......My bio below:
Rhonda Robinson is the Founder/Owner of Shear Essence Salon -Rhonda Robinson Products Inc. located in Jacksonville, Florida.  
Shear Essence Mandarin -9825 San Jose Blvd. Rhonda has been in business for over 10 years and have a  full staff. She has been a
licensed stylist since the milinium/2000.

Rhonda is very well known in The Hair Industry as The information Guru and
Exotic Hair Queen for Hair Extensions. Women of all
cultures trust her expertise worldwide and they travel many miles just to come to her salon. She has Trade Marked™ & Registered® a
few hair extension techniques,
Indibrazil™ Hair, The Hair Patch®, The Invisabond®, Hula Hair™, Invisatracks, Braidless Sew-In,
(a spin off from the Braidless Sew-in)  Flat Hair Fusion,  and the very popular Lace Frontal Sew-In. This weaving
technique took women of color by storm due to alopecia on the edges of their hairline. Rhonda was the first who introduced it in her
salon and then added the full demonstration to her websites calling it the Lace Frontal Sew-In. She advised her browsers about the
New Lace Frontal Sew-in technique and it was history from then on!

Rhonda was Honored & Received The
STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathmatics) Award 12-6-2012 by Tekoa
of Accelerated Studies for Product Engineering. A Red Carpet Event. Shear Essence Salon's has also received Best Hair
Salon Awards for 2008 & 2012. Rhonda has continued to come up with many bright ideas such as electronic down loadable Hair
Extension Training  online video website ( Her own Product Line
SES Products By Rhonda which is
her own Hair Line for Virgin Hair & Weaves and a few other products for the natural hair underneath the weaves. She has also
traveled to many different states (New York, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Ft. Lauderdale etc.) to train stylists who are eager to learn
and per-fect their hair extension and business management skills with her techniques. A few stylists have also traveled to her as far
as Holland, London, & Spain for her 1-On-1 Training Class. Her current project is her Hair Extension Workshop Bootcamps held
quarterly in Jacksonville, Fl.,  which one of her goals is to soon take it on tour.

Some of Rhonda's other Job Titles include: Entrepreneur, Hair Extensionist, Hair Extension Instructor, Product Engineer/Inventor,
World Wide Importer of Goods/Products and Exotic Virgin Hair, Retail Distributor, Webmaster (she designs & maintain all her
websites), & Soon To Be Interior Salon Designer. Behind the Chair Rhonda specializes in Sew-Ins, Flat Hair Fusion, Invisatracks
Tape Extensions,  Braidless Sew-In, Microtracks, & Alopecia. If you want to get to know more about Rhonda, she has a list of
websites full of informational materials for stylists, salon owners, clients & browsers pertaining to the most popular hair weaves.
Actually, it is on of the largest websites on the Internet in the Hair Industry. You can definitely tell this woman is very Passionate about
what she does!'s personal informational website & hair gallery. on Shear Essence Salon, the staff members, and full gallery photos of each staff member's
creativity. down loadable hair extension training videos. Essence online store. Indian Hair, Lace Frontals, Fusion Hair etc. site on lace front wigs, & lace frontal sew-ins. site on Virgin Indian Hair. 77 videos and approximately 4,552 subscribers. 4,467,228 Views
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