Traditional Sew-Ins (Last 3-4 Months) Shampoo Style is Included Small Braids & Small Stitching
Relaxers $70 Layer Cuts $30
Hair Fusion
My Sewins are $200
$50 Deposit Required on all Extensions/Sew-ins to keep my book Free of No Shows. Thanks In Advance.
Center Part Sew-in *Note-Same
hair to the right flat ironed straight.
Sew-In. Natural Curly, Machine Weft, 10"
Flat Ironed Straight & Layer Cut.
Lace Frontal Hair Piece $135   Sew-In $175
Invisatracks Tape Ext. $50 a Track/Row
After Fusion Removal 3 1/2 months old.
BraidLess Sew-In $50 a Track/Row
Came from Yonker's, New York
Came from North Carolina
Owner and Founder of Shear Essence Salon. My Specialities include
Traditional Sew-Ins, Alopecia, Track/Row, Br
aidless Sew-In by Track/Row,
The Ponytail Sew-In, The Invisabond by Track/Row, Flat Hair Fusion, Lace
Frontal Sew-In, & Tape Extensions. Other specialities include Flat Iron, Soft
Body Styles, & Wraps. I use Design Essentials and Nairobi Relaxer
Systems ($70). Razor Cut Weaves $30, Trim & Shape Weaves $15. I am an
old school stylist, I use the stove (real heat) and some ceramic utensils.
Note -I have grown many women hair pass their bra straps with the sew-ins.
So the myth of sew-ins taking your hair out is NOT TRUE. I have what they
call growing hands :) so if your hair is damaged and you need it to come
back, I'm your stylist & yes I'm accepting New Clients for all services!
Rhonda Robinson Owner - Hair Extensionist / Educator
My Specialties Include: Traditional Sewins, Ponytail Sewins, Netweaves, Alopecia,
Flat Hair Fusion, Tape Extensions & Growing A Healthy Head of Hair. I have growing hands.
Ms. Rhonda Robinson Hair Extension Engineer
Came from Mount Dora
Came from St
This Sewin Is 5 Months Old
Her Nat'l
Hair Before
Her Nat'l
Hair After
Wearing Sewins
Double Click On Photo To Enlarge @ Your Own Risk! This is
True.  See Youtube Video Link By
Clicking Here

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Owner ~ Shear Essence Salon In Mandarin Outback Plaza
Also Founder of GHEC ~ Global Hair Extension Class
9825 San Jose Blvd Suite 12 Jacksonville Fl 32257
Salon 904-683-3722
Rhonda Robinson's Business Hours Are:
Due to GHEC Travel Tour (Training Other Stylists Worldwide)
My Business Hours are Limited To:
My Booth Is Open Wednesday-Friday Open 10:00am-8:00pm
Sew-ins $200
Appointments Can Be Scheduled by:
Calling The Salon 904-683-3722
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