Traditional Sew-Ins with Leave Out $150 Selective Stylists
Lace Closure Sew-ins/Enclosed/Netweaves $175 Selective Stylists
(Our Veteran Stylists Charge $200 For Sew-ins)
Small Braids & Small Stitching
Protective Style Sew-ins with Our High Quality Pure Indian Hair GROWS YOUR HAIR!
Real Virgin Indian Hair Sewin 32"
This is my 3rd sewin with this hair!
Virgin Indian Hair Sewin
Partial Sewin
Saga Yaky - 18" #4
Virgin Indian Hair Sewin -Natural Straight
A Traditional Sew-In weave is adding hair extensions to a flat braided foundation. The braids are
Small, firm, but not tight braids. We then sew tiny 1/4 inch stitches (Ex. __ ) adding wefted hair
extensions in row by row. Synthetic hair is sometimes added. Natural Hair is freshly shampooed,
blow dried, braided down, & styled out -all inclusive for most stylists $175. Our Veteran Stylists
Charge $200. It should last up to 4 months, sometimes a little longer depending on the customer
care. We have some customers that wear the sew-ins for up to 4 months. When Our High Quality
Virgin Indian Hair is used, some wear it over 4 months. The time it takes to complete the installation
process is about 3 hours. The hair is not included. Most stylists use 2-3 Bundles of hair for most
Sew-Ins. When purchasing hair from your local hair supplier, please purchase a high quality brand
(something with quality) if you expect your sew-in to last. Currently, Rhonda is the only stylist that
currently requires a deposit.
All other stylists do not require a deposit. "OUR GUARANTEE -If your
sew-in come off the track, we will sew it back for FREE "We are that serious about your hair!"
How To Maintain Your Sew-In - Click Here
Sewin w Front Out
Virgin Indian Hair Sewin
16/18 Inches Natural Straight
Posing @ Home Partial Sewin
Partial Sewin
Kimbyr Leigha Actress / Model Her Flawless Partial Sewin
Curly Real Virgin Indian Hair 28" Machine Weft
Pure V.I. Grade
Sewin-By Side Part Out
Enclosed Sewin -Natural Straight Virgin Indian Hair
Partial Sewin - Saga
Side Part Out Sew-In
Our Remy Yaky Hair
Sewin w Part Out + Layer Cut
Sewin with Tracks
Straight Virgin Indian Hair Sewin w Lace Closure
Sew-In Part Out w Layer Cut
Sew-in w Invisible Part
Sew-In w Invisible Part
Natural Curly, Machine Weft, 10"
*Note-Same hair to the right flat ironed straight.
Natural Curly, Real Indian Hair Machine Weft, 10"
Sew-In w Pin-up
Saga Yaky - 18" #4
Real Virgin Indian Hair Layer Cut V.I.H. Sew-in w Cut
Braidless Sewin
Part-Out Sew-in $175 w Layer Cut $30
Side Part Out Sew-In
Our Bone Straight Hair & Feather Extensions
Sewin w Tracks
Enclosed Sewin w Colored Real Virgin Indian Hair
Sew-In Tracks w Real Virgin Indian Colored Hair
Colored Virgin Indian
Hair Sew-In
w NEW Overlay Front
Traditional Sew-In
Virgin Indian Hair Sewin
32 Inches Natural Straight
22" Inches Natural Straight Virgin Indian Hair!
3rd Use with This Hair - She Loves It Even MORE!
Ponytail Sew-in
Natural Straight Virgin Indian Hair
Ponytail Sewin
Experts of Long-Lasting Sewins
This Sewin Is 5 Months Old
Sewin Install Custom Colored & Set.
To Learn More About Our Pure Raw &
Real Virgin Indian Click Here
Lace Closure Sew-in
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