HISTORY-For decades, Indian women are known for their beauty and extremely long hair. Hours are
spent shampooing, drying, and oiling their beautiful tresses over scented incense sticks. Because of
the length, they keep it healthy and shiny with light or heavy oils and wear it braided or in a bun.
EDUCATION -Virgin Indian Hair comes in two types. Double Drawn and Single Drawn.  Double
means all the hair is in one direction. The hair is cut directly from the root and mid back so that
each hair is the same length for a more natural and fuller look. This process allows almost all the hairs
to be the same length, which is rare in most human hair. This process also keeps the hair from
tangling if it is colored.
Single drawn means the hair is cut usually starting at mid back across the top
only, leaving the bottom (ends) in its natural state. In this case, you will find  shorter lengths
throughout the hair because it is the hair at the end of the womans hair; however, it is also great
quality hair.
QUALITY  -Indian hair is a very unique texture and blends very well with most cultures hair. Being
this hair is virgin indian hair, it will only come in natural black. Virgin hair means, hair that has not
been processed in any way.  It is usually taken from females who have never processed their hair.
This hair is 100% natural, so there is no damage to the cuticles. However, the sweet thing about this
is, it can be colored to any shade you like. It is very versatile and can be worn with natural light waves
when allowed to air dry. Bone straight when flat ironed with medium heat, as well as curly when set
with rollers. Try the best today! The wefted hair is reusable.
SUMMARY - After you wear it one time, you will never want to go back to the average beauty supply
store hair. It is nothing of the same and is not in the same league. There are two types of Indian Hair:
(UNPROCESSED)-Meaning the hair is in it's natural state with no chemicals to it. It is cut then sewn
directly to the weft. Being this hair is virgin indian hair, it will only come in natural black. Virgin hair
means, hair that has not been processed in any way. No other processing is done. INDIAN REMY
(PROCESSED HAIR) -Meaning it is virgin indian hair that has now been processed. It is processed by
adding color, perms, and different textures. With this said, keep in mind, there is still a distinct
difference from the hair that you get in your local beauty store. 1.) It is Indian Hair - not Asian Chinese
hair found at your local beauty supply store. 2.) After processing, it still holds its quality. 3.) It is also
reusable, because of its quality.
QUALITY Indian hair is a very unique texture and blends very well
with almost any culture. It is very versatile. You can create so many different looks with the same hair
when reusing. You can wear it in its natural state by allowing to air dry -Examples. A wavy look with
the natural straight texture or a curly look with the natural curly texture. Both textures can be flat
ironed bone straight or set with rollers, rods, or hot curled. Well, we absolutely love it at Shear
Essence and we purchase from a few of the best vendors in the country. Our uniquely sewn wefts
and hair quality allows it to be used over and over again. It has been known to be used for as long as
2 years with some of our customers. However, we stand by it for up to 1-2 years with proper care.
You are investing up front, to only save in the future. Try the best today
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